If there was ever a time to do an energy experiment, it would be now.

We all need to breathe deeply. Stop what we’re doing. Close our eyes. And take a moment to just pray.

No – I’m not talking about prayer in a specific religious context. I’m not talking about praying to a God,  Jesus, Shiva, Buddha, Allah or whom/whatever you may worship. I’m just talking about a very dire and emergent need to simply put all of our thoughts together, so that it joins one large POWER THOUGHT that will propel into motion a severe and dire need to HEAL this mess of a world that we live in. To put into motion something other than this continual reaction of fight or flight.

Flight in me wants to bundle the children up and run to somewhere safe. SOMEWHERE ELSE, although who knows where this may be? Does it even exist? It has to be somewhere where people with unattended mental health issues don’t have the chance to trample through the illusory safety of school walls and, in a manic panic, stab two beautiful humans. One will die, while the other one will suffer emotionally for the rest of her life. And thank you, social media, for igniting the fight instinct in me by allowing me to easily access the deceased’s Facebook page, and her mother’s Facebook page, which shows a family fully immersed in happiness – amazing and joyous photos and memories, blissfully unaware of the chaos that is waiting for them around the corner.

This fight instinct, this feeling makes me sad and angry that shit like this is happening to us. I want to fight back, to do something. I see mutual Facebook friends of these people, reminding me that we are all, somehow, connected to each other. That we can easily see each other through these mediums, and as a result, experience degrees of each other’s pain. Feel as if we know each other, even if we don’t. And I struggle against my amygdala, my prehistoric brain that speaks to me and tells me that my family, my self, we are all in danger here and to gather the children and RUN FROM THE MADNESS. But then my prefrontal cortex, the captain of my ship, reminds me to be mindful of the present. Reminds me of what I’ve been learning about MINDFULNESS instead of madness, about PRESENCE instead of panic.

Life isn’t fair. It’s actually quite cruel. But let’s just try this experiment, just for a moment. Humor me.

Please just take a deep breath. Sit in a quiet room. Close your eyes, and think of whatever it is that brings you joy.

Perhaps if we all simultaneously create joy, a miracle will happen for our friend who has terminal cancer. Or a family won’t tragically lose another child due to violence in a school.

Maybe a ripple of thought will become a wave, and that wave will wash over the madness and drown it away.

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