It’s no secret that every child in summer looks forward to the timeless and traditional act of roasting marshmallows around a campfire. Let’s not forget about nestling that perfectly golden-brown goodie into a graham cracker sandwich, complete with a hunk of milk chocolate, making a delicious and gooey s’more.

But what happens when it’s a hot summer like this one, and the mere mention of an outdoor fire sends Smokey the Bear barrelling your way, ready to oust you and your ideas of a fire with a watery blast? This summer in British Columbia has seen a province-wide fire ban – which is a good thing for the tinder-dry forests, but very sad for the happy campers (especially the children). Any hopes of poking a stick into some hot coals, igniting a marshmallow into flames, or playfully licking strings of marshmallow goo from your fingers are dashed this year….leaving behind sad kids and shelves of s’more kits, unbought on the store shelves.

Thankfully, the fire ban doesn’t include propane BBQs and fire pits! So don’t fret, moms and dads – here are some ingenious ideas for campout treats that your kids can enjoy, thanks to a propane flame!

Tasty Roasted Banana

What you’ll need:

One banana per kid

Chocolate chips, M&M’s, smarties, or any other small chocolate candy of your choice



This is a simple, easy and delicious treat that can be done on the BBQ. You simply slice an opening in the peel of your banana, ensuring you slice the banana lengthwise so it folds open and creates a boat of sorts. Sprinkle the middle with the chocolate bits and marshmallows and wrap that puppy back up in tinfoil, and roast on a medium-heat BBQ for 5 to 7 minutes. The result? Gooey, chocolatey banana goodness. But be careful before giving to the kids, because it gets very hot!



Ice Cream Cone S’more

This one is super easy and just about as good as the s’mores.

What you’ll need:

Ice cream cones (preferably sugar or waffle cones)

Chocolate chips, or other chocolate bits such as M&M’s or smarties


Feel free to add other fruit, sprinkles, caramels, or any other treats that you desire

This one is easy and fun to assemble. Get the kids to fill their cones with all the goodies that they can fit, and then wrap the cone fully in tinfoil and roast on the BBQ for 5 to 7 minutes. The result? Viola! A s’more that doubles as an ice cream cone!

Mini Chocolate Orange Cakes

If your child is anything like my daughter, they’ll love helping with the cake mix preparation involved in this unique treat. Since you need to pre-mix a cake mix for this one, it might not be the best for roughing it in the bush, but if it’s just a backyard BBQ, it’s perfect.

What you’ll need:

A chocolate cake mix, premade and mixed

6 large oranges

Cut the top 1/3 or ¼ off the top of your orange and hollow out the pulp. Fill ¾ full with chocolate cake mix, put the top of the orange back on, and bake in a tinfoil topped aluminum pan, on a low temperature BBQ for 30 minutes. The result: a delicious, delectable chocolate cake baked inside an orange, which is just perfectly infused with citrus flavor! Move over, Terry’s Chocolate Orange – there’s a new kid in town! Don’t forget to top with whipped cream or ice cream!


This one requires nothing – no prep, no ingredients, nothing – only an old fashioned container of the tinfoil stovetop Jiffy Pop. Hold it over your propane fire pit or your BBQ, and smell that savory aroma of popcorn!

Hope these yummy campfire treats help you and your families enjoy those traditional activities this summer, regardless of the fire ban!

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