Little Green Men

One evening, a long time ago, I saw what I think was a UFO in the sky.

Yes, I know….it’s all weird. It’s spooky. They’re not real, they don’t exist, blah ba blah ba blah. But my buddy and I saw a strange, super bright light whip and zip all over the sky. Then, 2 minutes later, the radio station that we were listening to received an assault of calls from people, who, just like us, had seen the same strange light in the sky.

To see the light in itself was too cool. But to have it be validated by a disc jockey on a popular radio station made it REAL. We were wired. In disbelief that we might have just witnessed something life changing, right before our eyes.

That was, until the DJ broke after the song set to tell us all “not to worry….that Environment Canada had verified it to be a weather balloon…..

Um, yeah. OK.

Nevertheless, I haven’t stopped wondering, and when stuff like this pops into my newsfeed, I love to check it.


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