Life with Girls

I’m looking around my living room right now, and it’s a sea of pink. Hair clips. Disney princesses. Dolls, doll houses, frilly stuff and lip gloss. Yes, that’s right. I have a 2.5 year old who is obsessed with lip gloss.

It’s strange and awesome.

I was the one who would never, EVER have girls. It wasn’t a decision that I had made, either. It was decided by the universe, in my opinion. I grew up surrounded by boys. I preferred them as playmates as a kid. I much rather would race on the gravel field at school to see who could run fastest, than dress up my Barbies in the latest fashions.

I vividly remember being pregnant with my eldest daughter (we didn’t find out the gender with either of our girls), standing at my husband’s soccer game, discussing the pregnancy with the other wives of the team.

“It’s a boy for sure” I said with self assured conviction. “I’m just not going to have girls. Could you imagine having a house full of girls when they’re teenagers? When they’re PMSing?!”

Well, it looks like that reality is in my future.

According to my hubby, I spewed out several profanities in delight and disbelief when I birthed my first daughter.

As for the second daughter, I was 100% convinced, once again, that there was a little penis growing in my uterus. We would be the perfect little family of 4. That was, until, we were en route to the hospital, and I was immersed in a furious active labour…..

“It’s going to be a little dude!!! I just know it!” my hubs exclaimed excitedly as we raced down Fraser Highway.

I looked over at him and shook my head, as it was in that very moment that I knew, without a doubt, that this baby too would be a little lady.

6 hours later, I was proven right.

I mourned the loss of the idea of a son for several weeks after my second daughter was born. I fumbled through the days, feeling many emotions…..the only one being consistent was that of being overwhelmed. I felt guilty for feeling this, and I cried.

But all of a sudden, it lifted. It was around the time that someone told me some sound advice.

“Girls!!” they said. “Such a special bond with their moms! And sisters!! I wish that I had a sister. Shopping trips, spa dates and someone to yack on the phone to for hours.”

It dawned on me that I called my mom several times a day, and saw her almost every day. I love my mom so much. And now, will I be lucky enough to have not one, but two little ladies that one day would hopefully become my best friends too

! I’m feeling so blessed….

Until that same person then said “WOW and now you have to save up for two weddings!!”


I’m gazing at them both right now, hoping they have everything they hope and dream for in life. That they grow up to be strong, confident and happy.

And jeez….I hope that when they’re teenagers, they still like me!! LOL

xoxo Melly

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