Food for your Doomsday thoughts

Lately I have been feeling more emotional than usual. Blame it on the withering levels of vitamin D, the impending mayhem of another Christmas in retail, or even watching the sand in the hourglass slip away with far too much speed (see: my kid is growing up so fast that I feel like if I don’t document every milestone, these memories are going to be lost forever). Either way, my response to my own emotions are, for some reason, to pull towards me and keep my family as close as possible these days.

I find myself calling my Dad every day. Just to talk, to check in, see how he is feeling. Same thing goes for my brother – I will just dial him up at work to “chat” and he politely tolerates my mindless banter, regardless of how busy he might be that day. And don’t get me started on my poor mother….one moment, I’m searching MLS like a private eye for little abodes that she can purchase and make the relocation to my neck of the woods, and the next moment, I’m pleading with my husband for us to “splurge” and buy the old house that is for sale next door to where Mom currently resides. Make up your mind, will ya Melly??

For the reasons mentioned above though, the roller coaster of emotions are most likely to be blamed on the lack of vitamin D thing. Nevertheless, I can’t help but to notice that it seems that A LOT of people around me are edgy these days. I see my fair share of strange people at work. People that behave in very strange manners (The Customer is Always Right is the title of my next satirical piece of fiction, dedicated to all those encounters over the years). These people flock to me to talk about strange things, almost like I have a giant neon sign above my head that says “If you are weird/angry/ornery/sick/sad/demented, please talk to me!!”. Further, I see mother nature getting pissed right off and hurricaning all over Manhattan. I see the government trying to take away our rights to access holistic supplements and herbs (Bill C-51, don’t even get me started). 4 Earthquakes of Vancouver Island in 2 days. The list goes on…..

But most of all, I see all these strange television documentaries about the Mayan Calendar and the impending doom associated with December 21, 2102.

You see, this one kind of ‘concerns’ me. Y2K could have passed me by without a second glance. The Rapture of May 21, 2011? Never heard of it until after it never happened. But December 21, 2012? I don’t know what to think about it.

I actually asked to my beloved hubby the other day if he would be into making a survival kit with me. I’m not going to lie; he laughed at me. So I mentioned it to my Mom. She matter-of-factly asked me “well, what happens if you make a survival kit, and the earthquake makes something fall onto your kit and squishes it, rendering it useless??” (my mom didn’t use the word render, BTW….I added that word myself). So, good times. I’m on my own in the event of an apocalypse. Well, screw you guys, you’re still my family, and even if you don’t think the world is coming to an end in December, I’m still going to make a survival kit and I will gladly share with you if it doesn’t get squished.

Some theories about 12/21/2012?

-Earth’s alignment with a black hole will obliterate our planet
-there is a polar magnetic shift happening, which will make the weather go crazy
-Earth will collide with another planet called “Nibru”
-New Age theory says that Earth and it’s inhabitants are due to undergo a positive “physical or spiritual transformation” of sorts……

one source for these theories:

Anyway, on December 21, as I’m hiding out in a bunker that I’ve dug in my back yard with a bottle of J Lohr and a Peppermint Aero bar, everyone else will be carrying on with their day to day life and not even thinking of the apocalypse…..

at least until you read this post…..muahahahahahaaaaaa

No, but seriously, I’m hoping that my affinity these days to hug and harass my family with love is just a sign of my maturity and understanding of the fragile nature of life. I need to absorb every last moment with everyone I love because it could all be gone tomorrow, apocalypse or no apocalypse.

Nevertheless, don’t be mad if myself and Sheldon Cooper are the only ones that have a half decent survival kit. 😉

Thanks for reading!

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