Dirty Laundry: AKA Ice Cream for Breakfast

One of my girlfriends told me that she loves reading my blog, but that she would love it even more if I posted a “bad mommy” blurb. You know, one of those posts where we can all air out our dirty “parenting” laundry in regards to what kind of lazy, terrible things we do on those days when we don’t feel like making the best decisions for our kiddlets.

For example, she told me that she gives her kid ice cream for breakfast on the days that she is too lazy to make him anything.

Sure, some of you will be shocked and judgemental about this. I’m sure there is the odd one of you whose child has never even tasted ice cream…..

But for the majority of us? Come on, this will be fun! Let’s all share our terrible secrets! That way, we can have a laugh, and feel a little less guilty about this daunting job they call parenting!

OK….I’ll start the confessional…..

1. My daughter has only slept in her crib about a dozen times in her life. She sleeps with us most nights. And she loves to turn around in her sleep so that she can kick me squarely in the jaw in the middle of the night. For those of you that know me well, I can survive quite well on no sleep. However, I do NOT react well when woken up/kicked/am used as a soother all night long. I turn into a demon, basically.

2. One day she was chewing on a shoe that she had been wearing outside. You know, had been walking around at the mall in, on the sidewalks, in the muddy park. I was in the middle of a brilliant paragraph of my book and I honestly let her continue to chew away until I finished the paragraph. Who knows how many germs ended up in her mouth

3. I don’t brush her teeth properly because she spazzes out at me and let’s face it: I just don’t have the energy to do it for the full 2 minutes! If anyone actually does, please stand, so I can throw something at you!!

OK people! That’s my top 3! There’s many more, but I just can’t bring myself to admit it right now!

So now I’m asking you for a favour! Comment on my post and air your dirty laundry! Share your secrets! And we can all see and feel that we’re not alone, and have a laugh along the way!

XOXO Melly

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