Good morning all

One of the reasons I decided to create this blog was not only to vent, but also to provide support to all those other mommies out there that have inevitably felt overwhelmed at one point or another.

I marvel now at all the books, websites, blogs etc that are dedicated to prenatal care and advice. The section at Chapters is huge! However, I find that the literature and support for post-partum care is much more limited, and albeit, a little trite and condescending. For example, you will read that childbirth is a beautiful and magical experience (which it is), but no where is it mentioned that you will need a good 2 week all-inclusive vacation in the Carribean afterwards, sans baby, to recover. You might read that your post-pregnancy hormone shift is a little drastic, but that you should bounce back within 2 weeks or so (and if not, contact your doctor). Once again, there is nothing that I have found that says that the plummet of your pregnancy happy hormones will leave you feeling like a weepy mess, looking at this crying newborn thinking “what have I done??”

Do I sound harsh? Well, if you’ve done it – given birth, I mean – then you are probably agreeing with me. I remember 2 days after giving birth, I recieved a message from a friend. She asked me “have you hit rock bottom yet?” I chuckled at that, thinking “I won’t hit rock bottom. I’m made for this, I’ll be fine”


Every first time mommy hits rock bottom. And if you don’t, I think you’re fibbing. Sorry to sound insensitive, but let’s face it. You’re exhausted, especially if the doctors made you push for 3 hours like they did me. Your hormones have been through the gauntlet. Your milk is coming in. And you are completely, utterly SHOCKED that you made this little snuffling, squeaking person that is attatched to your boob/bottle 24/7. I kept wondering when the real mommy was going to come and pick my daughter up and let me return to my previous life!

But then, all of a sudden, your baby starts smiling at you. Starts waving her arms, grabbing at things that dangle in front of his face. Cooing and showing characteristics that are familiar to you (“hey! That’s my hubby’s dimple in her cheek!”). And this makes it all worth it. They grow on you until it becomes a full-blown love affair quite unlike anything you have ever experienced.

So what I’m trying to say here is this: it DOES get better. And if you have encountered anything that I have written above here, then sigh with relief: YOU ARE NORMAL!


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