My Very First Blog Post!

Wow! I’ve always wanted to create a blog, but never found the time or energy to put it to fruition! Well, here I am, on maternity leave, with a 6 month old baby girl that now can sit up on her own and play on the floor for longer periods of time, and sleeps for longer naps during the day, which means one thing to me: that I finally have some spare time! Let me tell you, as tempting as it is to do the five millionth load of laundry while she occupies herself with a rattle, or catnap while she slumbers (“sleep when the baby sleeps!” say all the advice-givers), I would prefer to vent some creative energies and write this blog.

 I’m hoping that all of you that choose to follow my posts will find them amusing and refreshing, because I’m going to try to be candid, straight up and tell it from the heart. This journey called parenthood is a real mind-bender, and no matter how prepared you think you might be, it still blows your mind in amazing, scary, wonderful ways!

As with every day that passes in my daughter Lily’s life, I am marveled by the miracle of it all. I am also finding myself scratching my head, rolling my eyes and sighing with relief (and not in that order) at what it takes to parent. Let me tell you …. everything I swore that I wouldn’t do, every book that I read, every preperation that I made, all went out the window when she was born. And it’s OK! There are no rules here, you just have to navigate this new journey with your instincts and learn from your mistakes along the way. I hope you all enjoy reading about my trials and tribulations as a new mom, and most importantly, have a few chuckles along the way. After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself, then what?


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